5 Top Tips for Winter Home Maintenance

winter home maintenance carpet cleaning wakefield
carpet cleaning wakefield

Many of us think of winter as “hibernation time” when it comes to cleaning our homes in a significant way. The fact is, winter is the perfect time to perform essential cleaning. This is especially important as our homes are artificially heated and all windows and doors are closed for the season.

It is important to keep our homes maintained and somewhat free of dust particulates over this period, so use our tips below to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Get Dusting:

The air inside your home during the winter period is stale, dry, and warm. This is because all windows and doors are closed and the home is artificially heated. Make sure you keep your surfaces dust-free and maintain your home electronics by dusting the vents and preventing build-up which can cause overheating. Look for dust collection on window frames, sills, and books on your bookshelves so dust accumulation and therefore allergens are partially prevented, improving the quality of the air inside your home.

Deep Clean Carpets and Floors: 

Winter can be harsh on floors, especially if you have a family with kids in and out all the time. If snow is forecast and the gritters are out, the salt can be tracked in and end up within the carpet fibres. This can prove to be especially hard to remove in many cases. Rugs also take a brunt of the winter dirt, especially entranceway rugs. Deep cleaning with aftercare spray products such as Bubble & Squeaks spot and stain remover can help to get rid of stubborn stains and ground-in dirt. Having a professional deep clean of your carpets is always a good idea, especially after the Christmas period when family and friends are frequenting your home. Hardwood floors and laminate can be damaged from boots, especially high heels and work boots. Regularly sealing and cleaning can help to alleviate this as much as possible. If you have a stain and don’t use our products, a little washing up liquid mixed with bicarbonate of soda and warm water can be a useful carpet cleaning tip. This works especially well for mud and tracked in stains.

Cleaning your Fireplace:

Whether you have a real fire, gas, or electric keeping the vents and overall fireplace free of dust and ash is a cleaning tip but also a safety measure. Many things in our homes over the winter are extremely dry as the warm air circulates around the home. This can lead to fire hazards everywhere. If you have any fire filters, make sure to clean them once a month and check for creosote build-up regularly.

Disinfect your surfaces and bins:

We all know about these tricky winter bugs which go around during the season. We can do things to help prevent this by using disinfectant sprays on surfaces regularly as well as cleaning out and disinfecting bins at least once per week. Bins contain our rotting food, nappies, tissues, and are harbouring all those nasty germs. These germs can quickly spread throughout the home with the stale air, and windows remaining closed. It is probably a good idea to empty your bins every few days. If someone in your household is ill we recommend you empty them daily.

Clean unusual places:

As we have discussed in this article, the winter brings a plethora of bugs, stale air, dust. These particulates can collect in places you might not expect.  Cleaning areas such as behind the fridge might not be at the forefront of your mind. You’ll be surprised at the dirt, dust, and grime that can build up throughout the year. Also check the top of door frames and trip for dirt and dust, as they can also accumulate. If you have ceiling fans or fans in your home you might want to thoroughly clean the blades. Fans blades collect a lot of dust throughout the year. Even the tops and vents of radiators can harbour nasty germs. These germs buildup which will spread as the warm air circulates throughout your home.

These are just some of the methods which we recommend to keep your home in top condition for the winter. If you need any help or advice on carpet cleaning in Wakefield, Leeds, Pontefract, or surrounding areas then get in touch with us on 01924 764720

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