Bubble & Squeak participate in a variety of community benefit practices within our area. We actively support local charities, good causes and organisations to enhance the lifestyle of vulnerable people or people in need within the local community as well as offer environmental support to help enrich the local community.
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By offering and providing support within our local communities, Bubble & Squeak can make a positive impact on the welfare of the society within which we all live.

We have worked with numerous charities including NHS My Hospitals Charity. Over the years we have taken part in static bike ride – covering a distance between Pontefract and Dewsbury at the atrium in Wakefield. The Great North Run and even the odd Big Tea event Bake Sale.

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Bossman Pete conquered The Great North Run13.2 mile half marathon in 3 and half hours raising a fantastic £355 for the MY Hospitals Charity.

Pete & Diddy getting ready for a static bike as part of giving back page

Pete and Diddy getting ready for their static bike from Pontefract to Dewsbury for the NHS MY Hospitals Charity at the Atrium Wakefield in December 2018.

Bubble & Squeak at the NHS My hospitals charity bake sale as part of giving back page

Diddy, Scott and Pete attending the My Hospitals Charity NHS Big Tea Bake Off. The picture was taken at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.

The Bubble & Squeak guys receiving the mayor's award for the charity word as back of the giving back page.

Diddy, Scott and Pete receiving The Mayor’s award for all of their hard work for the NHS MY Hospitals Charity. Presented by the Mayor of Wakefield.