🏅 Associate of the Week 🏅

🏘 Dan Pearce Sells Homes 🏘


💙🏡 Selling your property is my priority and getting the best out of the whole process for you is the driving force. 💙🏡


🌟8️⃣ Here’s 8 reasons why to sell your home with Dan. 8️⃣🌟


1. LOWEST selling fees.
2. NO upfront costs.
3. NO VAT.
4. NO hidden term lengths.
5. NO withdrawal fees.
6. 3D floor plans.
7. The BEST property photos in Leeds.
8. 1 POINT OF CONTACT- Dan himself!


📝 From more information get in touch with Dan via his Facebook page below! 📝




Dan Pearce Sells Homes